EP - Ellen

by Cash in Flowers



The first EP "Cash In Flowers" was released in July 2009, this EP marked the beginning of the band and as already was expected by the public was well accepted and well commented by the critical location. With the song "Ellen" the EP has become known in the city until outside the state of Parana.


released July 5, 2008

released july 2008
The Cash In Flowers is:

Nelson Cancini (voice/guitar)
Maycon Milani (guitar)
Diogo Gomes (guitar)
Fernando Favaro (bass)
Paul Roques (drums)

The album will be released in July 2008
This Album was recorded at STUDIO VOX, the music producer Murilo Gusso
All arrangements were made by: Diogo Gomes, Fernando Favaro, Maycon Milani, Nelson Cancini and Paulo Roques.



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Cash in Flowers Maringá, Brazil

The Band Cash In Flowers was created in 2008 by five friends, Nelson Cancini, Maycon Milani, Fernando Favaro, Diogo Gomes and Paul Roques. After playing a few times together the 5 guys began recording their songs. Today the band released their first album in July 2012, titled "One Life To Live", name that reflects the entire trajectory of the band, the days of glory until the days of total darknes ... more

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Track Name: Crossroads

I’m walking for a long time
Everything is in my bag
The city lights are far away
I feel I’m so sad

I’ve got a feeling now
That you forgive me whenever I get out
I’ve got a feeling now
When I kiss, kiss, kiss your mouth

I could drive the whole night
Across the street in the wrong way
I believed you, and you believed me
Which of those lies do I need?

I’ve got a feeling now
The blood running in my body and getting out
And I’m gonna die now
When I kiss, kiss, kiss your mouth

Get in the car, I’m gonna leave
My mind tricked again
Track Name: Clouds around the sky
Clouds around the Sky

Well, today
I decided to ask
A question for all people here
I ask who
I ask who can say
How can we miss our life everyday?

And you can see
How much everybody is stupid
So now we have to do something

I can see your face
In the clouds around the sky
I could be better to understand
About life
But I don’t live my underground style
‘Cause I'll try,
Ooh..!! But if you can’t make it with me
I’m sure that all will be dying
Track Name: Ellen

I go home
But I want
Say to you
Answer me
The questions that I make
In your home

Why not?

I’m gonna take to you
some friends
And we’ll have
Some glasses of beers
And I’ll say… Ellen
Face to face… Ellen
How I love you… how I wanna live with you

Don’t worry
Ellen in your house
There’s space for you too
But I don’t understand
But I don’t understand
Why cannot, Ellen?
Track Name: Searching Power
Searching Power

With two cigarettes on fire
And two glasses of cherry wine
There’s a man who asks and say
Please stop the silence…
Please stop the silence…

Seeing people through the window
There’s a green garden and a blue sky
There’s always a man who asks and say
Please stop the silence
Can stop the silence

When two people were to live alone
And there was nothing that had to be done
I don’t want to live alone
I don’t want to die alone
I will not be alone
Alone… Go!
Please stop, can stop, please stop, can stop the Silence!!!