One Life To Live

by Cash in Flowers

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released July 1, 2012



all rights reserved


Cash in Flowers Maringá, Brazil

The Band Cash In Flowers was created in 2008 by five friends, Nelson Cancini, Maycon Milani, Fernando Favaro, Diogo Gomes and Paul Roques. After playing a few times together the 5 guys began recording their songs. Today the band released their first album in July 2012, titled "One Life To Live", name that reflects the entire trajectory of the band, the days of glory until the days of total darknes ... more

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Track Name: Shine Of Ilusion
Shine of illusion (9838-20120703)

Shine ... I don't wanna live on the shelf again
lies ... you know what that means for me
all smiles... became worse than any white weapon
and I am being forced to witness it all again

bring out
bring out on me...

Now I am living outside again
I lost the nights in front of a square
and like a king I control things with my hands
dying at twenty seven years don't make you an idol

living in the illusion
living in the illusion, living in...

Track Name: Kill Me
Kill me (9836-20120703)

You kill me
and take me from my parents
you save me
and cure my sickness

And people say
that the man developed from monkeys
but only monkeys evolved
when we want something
we shouldn’t sacrifice others

Don’t explain the case
the fear invades you
and you don’t see the truth
that somehow destroy you…

Your complication….
Your complication….
Track Name: Clean Air
Clean Air (9848-20120704)

I've traveled miles to find myself
I escaped all, even you
I met people and places, many faces
to show you that I was dying here

Clean air, dirty clothes is what I need.

When I decided to leave
I tried to understand you
but I don’t need all of this
what makes you so well
when decided to leave
was because I hate you and your way of living

And no matter who I was or who I'll be
maybe in another life I will
understand and will be understood
I am in debt to the life I want to let it paid
and now that I am the scene
I wanna run around the world
with a bag full of wishes not to come back to
Track Name: Love Job
Love Job (-9849-20120704)

Every day I have to live
with people in internal conflict
so I created an image of you
distorted and full of irony

And I hate! When you say what I have to do
and I hate! When your mind makes it fool
In the end who are you?
the king of truth

I try to keep my situation
but it just depends on you
I wanna to keep my insatisfaction
recognizing the defenses that I use

I am here now
did you realize
nice to meet you!
nice to meet you!
I wish the good winds
take me far away from you

And I hate! When you say what I have to do
and I hate! When your mind makes it fool
and I even hate the way you tie your shoes
In the end who are you?
the king of truth...

(The image used for this song was taken by a great friend of the band Jhou Lima)
Track Name: Angel's Eyes
Angel´s Eyes (9850-20120704)

And I see your face now
but I don’t know
I listen what you’re saying now
looking my eyes. What times is it?

And your eyes and your expression
for a long time
you look so funny
when you start

To feel what I feel through my lips
and smile looking me
I try to don’t look in your face
but it’s stronger than me

Into my mind, into the time
all are blue, All are blue
and Inside your eyes, you makes me feel so fine
like a angel in my front, angel in my front

I pay attention in the time
what it is rolling so fast
and I don’t want to go home, anytime
and the time
is the same that what happens in my heart
Track Name: One life to live
One life to live (9851-20120704)

Every new step we’re taking
every curve to the right
we feel closer together
we feel as part of a history that is just beginning
we’re doing well

If you don’t believe it!
we have one life to live

It’s two ahead and three behind
surrounded by wild mad machines
that go by us
I wish I met them before
that I opened my eyes in the morning

And again, and again we’ll meet each other
to run after a dream
so close by,
and, yet, so far away
far for the unbelievers
Track Name: Water
Water (9852-20120704)

Yes, I'm going down below
to see you again
in all the seasons you're still blue
believe me I am a good man too

And I'm going down...down...down
but I'm going down...down...down there
and below

There are no questions without answers
there is no reason not to want you
I can go around the world
and all oceans you will always be

I can feel your breath
shaking my curls
you make me free
my sky! my sea!

And I'm going down...down...down
but I'm going down...down...down there
and below

To see you again...
To see you again...
Track Name: Distilled
Distilled (9853-20120704)

It’s raining outside tonight
she told me not to go
maybe I answer her request tonight
don’t be afraid I'll be fine

If I sleep you call me
that’s right, baby
I let you know when we get home
I hope you have not gone

Push the middle one…
Push the middle one…
push the middle...
only Jesus can stop!

It’s raining outside tonight
and I still keep my soul here
holding you

This is what I need...
This is what I can say...
This is what I need...
A bottle fuck distilled…
A bottle fuck distilled…
Breaking a bottle in my fucking face...
Track Name: Hangover
Hangover (9854-20120704)

I’m waiting for sunrise
I’m waiting for sleeping
I’m asking for more life
I’m asking for good feelings

And I‘m going down
but my friends are saying to me to go slow
"I will stop with now..."!!
but I don't ever want to leave it
all the colors in my eyebrows
are the things that don´t come into my eyes
and I need to go slow

If you don’t see the light
If you can’t feel how anxious I’m feeling
don't talk to me tonight
'cause I won’t recognize your face
Track Name: Rebellion
Rebellion (9855-20120704)

I write songs
and sing things I want
I try to walk the line
the first time… the first time
they can judge me all days
Just one of agony
fuck the moral

This is me and where is the fucking law?
this priority is all or only somebody!!

Somebody!! ... Somebody!!

I don’t harm anyone
the evils I am the least lethal.
least lethal…
It's time to wake up
see the veins pulsing urban
fly while the…

Crazy, psychotic wander the streets of chaos.

This priority is all or only somebody!!
Track Name: 7 Years
7 years (9914-20120709)

I lived for seven years, and for one year I died seven times
that's when I saw who was important to me
and who was never between the lines
she was the best drug I've ever used
that left me confused
all the time

I just wanted to stay
I wanted ...
I wanted ... Ooh how I wanted

I smiled for seven years, and for one year I cried seven times
that's when I saw who was important to me
and who was never between the lies
in a silver finger her life reflected my baby
but now one plate is made
of two lives

I just wanted to stay
I wanted ...
I wanted ... Ooh how I wanted

Stay ... free
Bye, you've gone ...

You were gone again ...
You were gone again ...